Energy Switching Levels DECLINE by -17% August YoY

A new report from Energy UK shows that electricity switching levels were down by -17% in August.

In contrast, we reported last month that figures in July showed switching levels recovering and increased +17% month on month, though figures were still down -1% vs last year.

Energy UK have said that electricity switching levels have seen volatile movement this year, and that it’s encouraging still that there are around half a million people switching energy providers. However, it’s a stark contrast compared to the July update they gave where they stated “It’s encouraging to see switching numbers continuing to pick up following an understandable slow down earlier in the year.

Its August update reads –

“Understandably figures have fluctuated more than usual this year but it’s encouraging to see that around half a million customers are still switching every month.

“As we head into the colder months of the year when we use more energy, it’s certainly worth customers speaking to their supplier to make sure they’re on the right tariff or shopping around to see what’s on offer in a very competitive market.

“Customers looking to save money should also see if they can take advantage of the Government’s Green Homes Grants scheme – as energy efficiency measures remain the best way to reduce bills in the long term while also making homes more comfortable and helping the

Emma Pinchbeck, Energy UK’s chief executive

Data from Energy UK shows a slow down starting from April – with a slight pick up in July. The signs were that things were going in a positive direction on this front:

Energy UK

Though clearly there is more that needs to be done to convince consumers in the UK market that there is significant amounts of money to be saved by very easily and simply switching to another energy supplier.

Will the energy switching numbers pick up?

With the temperature in the UK decreasing and becoming colder, it’s likely this will have an impression on energy bills and will be the trigger for many to switch electricity suppliers so that they can save and beat the prices that their existing energy suppliers are giving them.

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