When is the last time you reviewed your energy deal or supplier? If it’s been over a year, it is highly likely that you are on a costly standard variable tariff, and are being overcharged for your gas and / or electricity. Switching suppliers can be an ordeal though – and the thought of switching not one, but two suppliers? What a pain!

Wouldn’t life be easier if you just had a single energy supplier to deal with? This is what dual fuel energy contracts are all about – simplifying your energy payments and getting you a better deal at the same time.

What is Dual Fuel tariff – how does it work?

Every household typically has two separate providers for gas and electricity. A dual fuel tariff streamlines this; by opting to receive your gas and electricity supply from the same energy company, you can not only possibly reduce the overall amount you pay, but also benefit from the added convenience of dealing with only one supplier.

Most major UK energy suppliers offer dual fuel tariffs. While you still receive separate details on your gas and electricity consumption and charges, these will be provided in a single bill, making it easier for you to pay to a single supplier, and reducing the amount of hassle for you. You can pay your dual fuel tariff as you would a normal bill – by monthly / quarterly direct debit, by card, or by using a prepayment meter.

What are the benefits of switching to a dual fuel tariff?

Ultimately, there are no differences between the quality of fuel provided by different suppliers. The only reasons why you might choose a particular supplier are for their price, reputation, or customer service. Given this, dual fuel tariffs are even more advantageous, since:

  • They work out cheaper, especially if you consider the discounts provided by suppliers.
  • It is easier to pay a single monthly (or quarterly) bill to your supplier.
  • If you need to submit meter readings, you only need to contact a single company.
  • You can track your gas and electricity usage through a single website, app, or dashboard.
  • Terminating your contract is easier as you only have to deal with one supplier.
  • You only need a single smart meter to be installed at your home.

What is the average dual fuel tariff?

While a variety of factors generally contribute towards household energy bills, a recent study by the energy market regulator Ofgem, calculated the average dual fuel variable tariff offered by the Big Six energy suppliers (British Gas, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE, and EDF Energy) as of April 2019 to be £104.50 per month, or £1,254 a year. However, the lowest priced dual fuel tariff was just £846 a year.

While this might initially seem like a steep figure, don’t be too hasty in searching for alternative cheaper gas and electricity suppliers. Remember that your monthly energy bill can vary greatly from household to household, depending on the location, property type, number of inhabitants and much more – so try looking at and comparing the overall deal provided by various suppliers before making a hasty switch.

Which is the best dual fuel supplier?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer as to who the best dual fuel supplier is. 54 of the 61 active energy suppliers in the UK provide both gas and electricity (dual fuel tariffs), and each have their owns pros and cons. While the energy rates for each of these suppliers differ, the majority of them offer some kind of discount for switching to a dual fuel tariff. This can be a percentage discount, a lower standing charge, a cashback amount, or simply a lower overall kWh (kilowatt per hour) rate. It is best to compare the dual fuel tariffs of various suppliers in your area to determine the best fit for you.

How can I switch to a dual fuel tariff?

Switching your energy supplier is easy. You can choose a completely new supplier or go with one of your existing suppliers – Energy Switching can help you find the best dual fuel rate either way.

Start by using our handy price comparison tool to compare the best suppliers and rates. We offer our services for free, so you can explore energy prices from a whole range of gas and electricity providers and find the best one for your needs. The information on our site is completely impartial and will give you the full picture – transparency is key.

We’ll search for the best dual fuel tariff providers in your area and send you a detailed quote – and if you find something that suits you, then we can help you switch suppliers in no time!