List Of The Cheapest Energy Suppliers 2021

Are you wondering about the cheapest energy supplier in the UK? Well, let us do the research for you.

Cheaper wholesale energy pricing and competition in the energy market has forced energy suppliers to cut down pricing. However, this competition has also had a negative effect on performance. We tried our best to list only those suppliers which are not only cheap but also score high in Trustpilot ratings as well.

Furthermore, one has to take it under consideration that the list of the cheapest energy suppliers might change next year. Therefore, we took it very seriously to list those suppliers which offer constant cheap rates and at the same time do not compromise on quality and customer service.

How To Take Full Advantage From The Cheap Energy Supplier List Table

The following table is sorted according to the cheapest prices from the energy suppliers. Also, the exact tariff is mentioned to help you figure out the exact payment plan.

Per kWh unit charges are separately stated according to the annual Ofgem’s averages of 3,100 kWh for electricity and 12,000 kWh for gas. We also pointed out the average electricity and gas standing charges.

The second last column shows the average yearly lowest quote. Please note that we have only written those tariffs which are cheapest amongst the rest within the same supplier’s offerings.

Last but not least, you can view each supplier’s ratings out of 5 they get on TrustPilot. With all those factors combined, it makes your decision of switching from one supplier to the next very comfy.

List Of Energy Suppliers By Yearly Cost 2021

SupplierTariff Daily Electricity Standing ChargeElectricity pence per kWhDaily Gas Standing ChargeGas pence per kWhYearly Lowest Quote (£)Rating out of 5
Outfox the Market Spring 21 variable17.85p16.11p21.00p2.42p900.60 4.6 
Green Network Energy GNE    Family Green 12m Fixed21.35p15.43p17.97p2.45p904.8 4.2 
EDF Energy Direct19.11p16.99p20.79p3.06p914.88 4.3 
Goto Energy Direct Control Green Mar 2022 V421.00p16.1021.00p2.62p966.96 4.6 
People’s Energy People’s Energy Fixed Tariff Mar 2123.31p14.5823.31p2.89p968.52 4.4 
Avro EnergySimple and Fixed21.00p16.35p21.000p2.609p969 4.7 
Co-op Energy Co-op Flexible Tariff20.19p16.12p17.85p3.03p970.70 4.6 
Sainsbury’s Energy Sainsbury’s Fixed Energy20.65p15.50p20.65p3.10p980 4.3 
Bulb Vari-Fair20.95p15.78p20.44p2.92p989 4.7 
Utility Warehouse Green Fixed Energy Tariff20.90p15.77p20.40p2.93p990.72 
So Energy SO Carrot Essential22.05p15.90p22.05p2.90p993.48 4.7 
Igloo Energy Igloo Pioneer22.64p15.67p26.07p2.76p996 4.5 
Zebra Power Zebra auto 12 months V2 Paperless22.75p15.60p22.75p3.00p1009 4.7 
London Power My London Carbon Neutral Plan23.69p16.89p21.79p3.07p1020 4.8 
PFP EnergyGreen V1 202223.57p16.46p26.04p2.85p10334.0
Octopus Octopus Fixed23.06p16.88p26.06p3.06p1035 4.8 
M&S Energy Fixed Tariff23.05p16.88p26.06p3.10p1041 4.9 
Pure Planet 100% Green 12m Fixed 20.55p16.35p20.55p3.32p1044 4.6 
ESB Energy Brighter Future 1220.74p16.55p25.82p3.10p1055 4.5 
Utilita Smart Energy30.00p16.75p20.65p2.85p1056 4.2 
OVO Energy Better Energy24.09p17.70p24.57p3.21p1080 4.2 

As you can see from the above table, Outfox the market has outplayed its competitors when it comes to cost. The Green Network Energy and EDF follow closely behind the cheapest energy supplier.

Goto Energy, People’s Energy, Avro Energy and CO-OP Energy and few others fall under the top 10 cheap energy tariffs. But the later ones in the list like M & S Energy and Octopus lead the ratings with exceptional customer service and uninterrupted energy supply.

Yorkshire Energy is the cheapest than most of the market players. But we decided to exclude it from the list as their customer service and other technical issues made a serious dent in their ratings.

It does not necessarily mean if you get a good deal from one tariff, the other tariffs for the same supplier are cheap. Most big players like EDF and E.ON offer different tariffs (From cheapest to expensive) to cover the whole market segment. However, it is possible that one EDF client is paying more than what the other is paying from a different EDF tariff.

Who Are The Most Expensive Energy Suppliers?

Well, it’s not the big six always. Some of the tariffs on many cheap energy suppliers are very expensive. Let us take the example of OVO Energy.

They offer you so many plans and options for different payment methods. One has to be careful to select the proper payment method. For example, the monthly direct debit method can save you quite a lot at the year-end. Selecting other payment options, if you are not earning a lot, might land you in the above-average energy threshold.

 Also, you can make a mistake while going through lots of tariff options from the energy provider. Therefore it is best to take a deep look into tariffs to select the one which is both affordable and matches your needs.

Either way, if you are in crises as we all are during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is highly advisable to select the best energy supplier and the cheapest one from the list.

Cheap Green Energy Tariffs

A lot of energy suppliers these days provide green energy tariffs which are sourced from solar power, wind power, hydropower, geothermal energy, and biomass and biofuels.

If you are environmentally friendly and care about the planet, you can choose a variety of green tariffs from suppliers. These tariffs are often hundreds of pounds cheaper than the traditionally more expensive ‘big six’. Therefore, you can take advantage of the competition in the green market as well.

Some of the energy suppliers from the above list (Green Network Energy, PFP, Utility Warehouse and Pure Planet) offer cheap green tariffs

When you choose a green tariff, a green energy supplier matches the energy you consume per year and buys it in the form of REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates) for every megawatt-hour. Ofgem governs and controls the issuance of REGOs to make sure that the energy is from renewable sources.