NOW is the time to switch energy supplier – OIL at 17 Year Low

With oil prices having been at a 17-year low to date, wholesale energy prices have been at record lows. This has then been passed on to consumers who have benefited from cheaper energy supplies. However, what we’ve all benefited from is going to likely come to a close soon.

Only last week, the major oil producing nations including the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed a pact to decrease oil production. This will send wholesale price of oil up, making it more expensive for energy suppliers to purchase.

Why should you switch & compare energy suppliers?

This week Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert, said that:

“This has now shifted to energy prices which are now rising. Some cheaper deals have already been pulled from the market – so do a comparison now and lock in a cheap tariff before they are all gone,”

Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert

Right now, is the ideal time to switch energy suppliers – as energy suppliers will be buying more expensively in future as oil production decreases and oil price goes up.

This cost will very likely be passed on to the consumer – hence why the recommendation is to act now before its too late.

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