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Which energy suppliers have gone bust?

September was a pretty volatile month for the energy markets, with wholesale gas prices going through the roof. This has resulted in energy companies, along with energy comparison services going under and turning their lights off. There have been 9 energy suppliers go under in September hitting 1.5 million customers. The table below shows which […]

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Energy Price Cap Calculator

Forbes Advisor UK have created a new “energy price cap calculator” tool below which looks at how much you may have been overpaying at each instance of a price cap announcement and impacts those on a Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). Whilst this only impacts those on standard variable tariffs (which from 2018 figures is significant, […]


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Who is the cheapest energy supplier?

It’s a good question, and according to our own research thousands of consumers are searching for answers to this question every month. To find the cheapest electricity and gas deals you will have to do some shopping around once your tariff ends. Typically what happens after your tariff ends is that you switch automatically onto […]


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Millions Spending Over £900m More On Gas & Electricity Bills

According to a new study by Forbes Advisor UK, an additional £900m has been spent by consumers on gas and electricity bills as a result of consumers spending more time at home, with the increase overall being attributed to more people now working from home. The poll that was conducted by OnePoll shows that on […]

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Best Energy Deals For July 2024

There’s so much choice in the energy comparison space, and the choice isn’t too different between the brands that exist. Ofgem, the official regulator in the space, list about 11 energy comparison services that fit the “official Ofgem-accredited price comparison sites” bill of approved sites. There are actually quite a few more comparison services that […]

How To: Getting A Refund With British Gas

If you’re anything like me, then when you setup your direct debit with your energy supplier then you’ll have overestimated your monthly direct debits. We’ve written a more generic guide on getting an energy refund from your energy supplier, where we explain that 46% of households are in credit with their energy supplier – according […]


How Your Laundry Can Impact Your Energy Bills

In a world full of smart meters, numerous comparison sites and yearly energy price cap announcements, finding ways to save on your energy bill – as well as bills in general – is likely to be at the forefront of many people’s minds.  Keeping an eye on your energy usage won’t just help with day-to-day […]

No Travelling, Always In-doors and Colder Weather; Equalling Skyrocketing Energy Bills

With the UK effectively in self isolation and lockdown, energy bills will be soaring for many. On February 5th Ofgem announced that 15 million households will see their energy bill increase when the energy price cap for those on default tariffs and prepayment meters increases by £96 and £87 respectively. In May 2020, Parliament estimated […]

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How To Save On Your Electricity & Gas Bills In 2021

Your bills are sky high because you’ve had the heating on over a cold period, and therefore your bills have sky rocketed. No less, 2020 has been tough and you’ve likely been working from home or have been at home for a much longer period during the day… your bills have sky rocketed. You get […]

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Energy Switching gap closes by -2.5% in November YoY

Electricity switching figures from Energy UK for the month of November showed a decline of just -2.5% YoY. Overall figures for the year show a 6.5% decline for the year up to November. The latest figures also show a decrease in switches to small, and mid-tier suppliers to the same category, with larger to larger […]

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