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Energy Switching DECLINED further by -19% in September YoY

The latest electricity switching figures from Energy UK shows a further decline by about 19% year-on-year in September. We reported that in August, 2020 there was a 17% decline year-on-year. It was thought that the market was recovering back in July when month-on-month figures were up by 17%, and only down marginally by -1% YoY: […]

Energy Price Cap At Lowest Levels

What is the ‘Energy Price Cap’? Energy price caps are what the UK’s regulator, Ofgem, introduced in April 2017. Ofgem introduced the price cap to “make sure you pay a fairer price for your energy.” They help those who are on standard variable energy tariff, default tariffs, or prepayment meters and are caps on what […]

MoneySavingExpert Launches ‘Energy Autoswitch’

MoneySavingExpert has launched a new energy switching service called ‘MSE Autoswitch’. Part of MSE’s “Cheap Energy Club”, ‘MSE Autoswitch’ is an optional feature that allows consumers to automatically switch energy companies for free. The founder of MoneySavingExpert, Martin Lewis, posted this on Twitter two days ago describing in the tweet as a sneak preview of […]

Energy Switching Levels DECLINE by -17% August YoY

A new report from Energy UK shows that electricity switching levels were down by -17% in August. In contrast, we reported last month that figures in July showed switching levels recovering and increased +17% month on month, though figures were still down -1% vs last year. Energy UK have said that electricity switching levels have […]

Energy Switching Numbers Increase by +17% MoM, down still by -1% YoY

The number of people switching energy suppliers after the coronavirus outbreak is on the rise, according to a new report from Energy UK. The data shows that for July this year, a total of 519,700 switched electricity providers. This is a month on month increase compared to June of about +17%, and down -1% versus […]

Should you make energy home improvements now?

As a person buying a house this year, I’ve been able to make huge savings off the back of the chancellor’s announcement back in July on the changes regarding Stamp Duty as will others who have been looking or are in the process of buying a house. This is not the only cost saving announced […]

Energy Switches for May 2020 Down -15%

Switching numbers sourced from Energy UK show that over 410,000 customers switched to a different supplier in May 2020, down 15% versus last year. When tallying up the total from the start of the year to May, the statistics show that 2.5m million customers switched o a new energy supplier, down versus last year by […]

How To Get A Credit Refund With British Gas

If you’re anything like me, then when you setup your direct debit with your energy supplier then you’ll have overestimated your monthly direct debits. We’ve written a more generic guide on getting an energy refund from your energy supplier, where we explain that 46% of households are in credit with their energy supplier – according […]


29% YoY decline in electricity switches in April

The latest electricity figures in April show a 29% decline on last year, according to Energy UK. The decline follows a weaker YoY figure in March this year, where switching numbers declined by 4.3%. However, April 2019 was a record breaking month topping 668,371 electricity switches, an increase of 34.1% on 2018 numbers. The April […]

Power NI Announces 4.8% Price Cut For Domestic Energy Customers

Power NI have announced a price cut of 4.8% to its customers from July 1st. This will save consumers around £30 a year. The announcement will help 450,000 customers across Northern Ireland. “From 1 July, our customers will be paying significantly less than households in the Republic of Ireland; GB and across Europe.” Power NI’s Managing Director, […]

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