It’s important that you take the time to shop around and compare electricity prices to get the best and cheapest deals. You can use our simple, efficient and user-friendly tool to help with this. Making use of the free and unbiased service will help benefit you in the long run.

Electricity is essential for functionality and practicality in day to day life. We all use lights at home, we all watch television and go on our computers. In fact, so much of what we rely on is powered by electricity. For this reason, it’s hugely important that you make sure you’re going to get the best price for your electricity so compare electricity prices here for the best deals.

Prices seem to be on the rise all the time, and this strains our finances even further. The cost of living is already high nowadays, so it’s essential to find the most competitive tariff possible. We have the perfect comparison tool to allow you to do this. It’s Ofgem accredited and supplied by Energylinx. Our system provides you with a comprehensive look at all the energy companies in the UK and their tariffs. You can use this to check out what options are most appealing to you and switch energy supplier.

In order to compare electricity prices effectively, you need to study the market carefully. We have no doubts that our comparison tool will help you do this in the most effective and practical way possible. It’s important that you get an affordable price for your electricity to help your financial situation.

Much the same as comparing gas prices, you’re going to need relevant information to hand. The key pieces of information you’ll need are your postcode, your current supplier, and your current usage. Once you punch this data into the energy comparison tool, you’ll be shown a list of comprehensive results. From here you can see how much you’re paying compared with other tariffs, and what you could be saving.

When you’re trying to come to a decision about the type of tariff you want to go with it’s worth looking at some of the options:

Standard Tariff

The standard tariff is what your supplier will provide you with when you first sign up with them. This is a common tariff of choice, but it can be problematic. The prices on a standard tariff can fluctuate at any time, so you could end up paying a lot more.

Fixed Rate Tariff

There are many benefits to using a fixed rate tariff, and this is often the most popular choice. A fixed rate tariff allows you to pay a fixed amount for your electricity over a set timeframe. This protects you against price hikes but does mean you won’t benefit in the event of prices dropping.


If you’re eco-friendly, you might think about installing solar panels on your property. This will create your own electricity, and then you can establish a feed-in tariff. This means that any electricity you don’t use will get placed on the National Grid, and you’ll be paid for it.

Economy 7

Economy 7 is like a standard tariff, but one that can be customized to fit in with your schedule. For instance, it gives you cheaper rates for seven hours at night. This means you can use the disparity in cost to pay less when you use more.

These are just some of the most common electricity tariffs available on the market. Make sure you make use of the services we provide to find the best value tariff for you.

At Energy Comparison we are here to help you find the best electricity supplier company that will suit your needs giving you value for your money. Nobody wants a huge electricity bill at the end of every month in these tough economic times. We have made the comparison of tariffs a very quick and simple process. Let’s see how you can easily save on your electricity bills.

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