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Whole of market energy comparison

We compare energy prices from all UK based suppliers of gas and electricity, giving you the best possible deal.

It’s completely free

This service is absolutely free. Our commission comes from suppliers, so there are no hidden costs for you to worry about.

We are completely impartial

We provide every energy tariff from every UK energy supplier, providing free and impartial data to put your mind at ease.

Switching made easy

Switching with our service is so simple that it should only take a few minutes. Make use of our energy price comparison tool, and start saving today.

Why compare energy prices with our energy comparison site?

Energy comparison allows users to compare energy prices and tariffs, with the goal of finding the best deal for you. We understand that money can be tight these days, so it’s important to try to cut costs where possible.

By making use of our energy comparison tool, you’ll be able to compare prices of all domestic energy providers. The best thing about our service is it’s completely free of charge and very easy to use. This way you’ll be able to compare every UK tariff from one convenient location.

We have partnered with Energy Helpline, which is completely Ofgem accredited. This means you’re getting service you know you can trust, and the results are independent and impartial.

Changing your tariff is a big decision to make in your life, so it’s important to feel like you’re in safe hands. Well, with Energy Comparison you guarantee this. You’ll be able to compare gas and electricity tariffs in a practical and efficient manner.

Why switch energy suppliers?

Many people decide to switch energy suppliers every week. This could be for any number of reasons. You might feel like you’re getting a raw deal with your current supplier. Maybe you feel like the prices you’re paying are a little too high? Maybe you’ve experienced a change in your financial situation?

By switching suppliers, you can enjoy the benefits of being a new customer. You’ll be able to take advantage of savings and figure out the best option for you. Plus there are other benefits as well. Many companies offer green tariffs these days so that you can be more environmentally conscious.

You can enjoy other benefits too, as well as a cheaper rate on your new bill. For instance, you might be able to agree a fixed term tariff to protect against rising prices for the duration of your tariff.

How does the energy comparison and switching service work?

We use the Energy Helpline tariff calculator (accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code). Through this, we compare energy prices and suppliers. You can browse the results and select the option that most benefits you.

You can make significant savings just by switching to a more attractive tariff. The best part is that the process of switching is all digitalized, so it shouldn’t take you longer than around five minutes. It’s a quick, easy and hassle-free way of getting the best comparisons from a free and impartial source.

You’ll be able to find everything you need on the site to help you with the comparison and switching process. You can enter your current supplier and your address. This will give you a breakdown of all the alternative tariffs and companies in your area.

You need to remember that energy bills often account for a huge household expense. So you need to come up with ways to make savings wherever you can. We provide you with the ideal opportunity to do exactly that. Make use of our energy comparison site, and find the best savings for you and your family.

We aim to provide our customers with the information they need to ensure their home is an energy efficient as possible. The following sites will provide you with the information you need to improve your homes energy efficiency: Government energy grants calculator, Energy Saving Trust and Citizens advice.

Energy Switching FAQs

We understand you probably have some questions about comparing prices and how the energy switching process works.

Here are some straightforward answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • Am I paying too much for my energy?

    According to Ofgem, the government’s energy market regulator, the cheapest gas and electricity deals for an average UK household come in at around £880 a year. If you’re paying more or paying not much less for a smaller household, then maybe it’s time you took a minute to compare energy suppliers. It’s an easy and straightforward process and could put extra cash in your pocket.

  • How does your energy comparison work?

    Our energy comparison service has regularly updated information about deals on gas and electricity from suppliers right across the energy market. We decided to build a website that would let you get that information quickly and easily. We knew this could save money for potentially thousands of households across the country, so we gave the site a simple questionnaire that tells us what deal will suit you. Here’s where the clever bit comes in.

  • Is it complicated to compare energy prices?

    All you need to do to find out if you’re paying too much is to grab the details of your usage from one of your recent bills, enter them in our form, then let us match you up with the lowest rates possible. You can run an energy comparison on just your gas, or just your electricity bill, or just as easily do both.

  • Is it really that easy to switch?

    Yes, that’s all you need. Our clever comparison tool will then search through all the available tariffs to find your best options. We look right the way across the gas and electricity market for this; everyone from old favorites like British Gas, EDF or E.ON, through to innovative and smaller alternative suppliers.

  • Do you only work with the big 6 companies?

    With the “big 6” supplying 70% of the UK domestic energy market, you might think we only work with them. However, other operators currently on our books include Scottish Power, SSE, Sainsbury’s Energy, Flow, OVO Energy and Spark Energy. These are all companies with track records in offering great value energy deals and an easy to arrange switching process. Even then, that’s not an exhaustive list, we compare all UK energy suppliers so you know we will find you the best energy deals available. Start a comparison now and see what we’ve got up our sleeve that might work for you.

  • What types of energy deals do you offer?

    We provide energy comparisons for gas tariffs and electricity tariffs individually – as well as through dual tariffs that cover both gas and electric.

    In addition to this, because we have so many potential suppliers the ideal arrangement for your circumstances might be a deal that fixes your costs for a certain period, or it might be with a company that cuts down on the admin to cut its prices – or even a firm that has connections with greener energy sources.

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    There are hundreds of energy deals available – we’re certain one of them will be perfect for your needs. Let us find it for you.

  • Will I need to speak to my current energy supplier?

    The best thing about the process is that, when you compare energy deals, and choose a better rate, as far as you’re concerned, the only thing that changes is the name on your bill. You don’t need a new meter, nobody needs to visit your home and you’re not required to contact your old supplier to tell them you’re switching – it’s all done for you.

  • I'm renting, can I still switch energy supplier?

    Some people believe that this is a privilege that only homeowners can take advantage of, but you don’t even need to have bought your house to switch energy suppliers – you just have to be the bill payer. It actually makes no difference if you’re a tenant or the owner. There’s a great energy deal for you out there – so, why not lock it in today?

  • So, you're telling me there's a quick and easy way to save money on my energy bill. Where's the catch?

    Really, there isn’t one. We don’t charge you for using energy switching. Our system works because companies pay us when you switch. This means it’s really in our interests to get you the perfect tariff and contract. Getting you a successful energy comparison makes us happy.

  • I switched before so can I switch again?

    It’s worth remembering that what was once the best deal may not always remain the best deal. You might think that because you searched for a great price once before then you’re on to a good thing. Well, that’s not always the case. Wholesale prices for energy can change and so the great price you once had might not be so competitive today.

    We recommend taking a couple of minutes to use our energy comparison tool, even if you think you’re already saving money, as you never know how much your current tariff could be overcharging you. It’s as easy to change a second, third or tenth time as it was the first – it’s a no-hassle and fuss-free process.

  • What is energy auto-switching?

    Energy auto-switching services basically do all the groundwork for you – finding you the best energy deal, switching you over to the best tariff, managing the migration of your contract from your old supplier to the new one, and taking care of any payments. Read more about energy auto-switching.