About Us

Energy Switching is an energy comparison and switching service that helps you search and compare a range of tariffs from a wide variety of providers

These days it can be difficult to save money, and the cost of living is already expensive enough. So you need to try to come up with ways to stretch your money a little further. That’s why Energy Switching was born.

Who We Are

Energy Switching is part of Switching Limited (Company Number: 12530223), an independent and impartial energy comparison site. We understand the need to get the best possible deals on your energy bills. You can use our bespoke comparison tool to get the best possible information to help make your decision.

It’s a fact that many people aren’t getting the deals they should be getting. This is due in large part to the fact that they don’t take the time to examine the market. That’s why we place an emphasis on doing exactly this. It’s important to give people free and impartial advice and guidance when it comes to this type of thing.

Unlike a lot of other energy comparison sites, you can put your trust in us and our methods. We have a dedicated team concerned with getting the best outcome for you. We know how difficult it can be trying to negotiate the murky world of energy bills. That’s why we place so much emphasis on getting the right outcome for you.

Put your trust in us, and we will use all our resources to get the best outcome for you and your household.

What We Do

Here at Energy Switching, we compare and contrast your current energy rates against all other UK suppliers. You get a breakdown of the kinds of costs you can expect to pay. As well as details of any offers or promotions for new customers. If you’re interested in green energy and eco-friendly living, we can also help out in that respect.

All you’ll need is basic information and a few minutes to enter the data into our simple online system. From there you can use the comparison tool to search for all the best price comparisons on the market.

The tool we utilize is provided by Energylinx, who are fully accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code. So you can trust the way we do business and have peace of mind that you’re going to get the best possible service.

Once you have the search results, you just need to look through them and decide which takes your fancy. Don’t forget, it’s important to come up with the right sort of tariff option, as well as choosing your supplier. There are a lot of different tariffs you might want to think about looking at. Many of these have different benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, standard rate tariffs are perhaps the most common and popular. They are easy to switch to, but the drawback is the prices may fluctuate. Whereas fixed rate tariffs mean you only have to pay a set amount for the entire contract. However, this does mean you might miss out on any price drops that occur.

As you can see, there are plenty of options and points to consider when it comes to making your decision. That’s why it’s important to make use of the resources we provide. Once you’ve made your decision we will sort out the switch between suppliers for you.

How does Energy Switching make money?

Let’s get one thing clear – we want to help you save money.

As a reward for this, we are paid a commission by the service provider when you follow through with a purchase from our website. This ‘commission’ is only paid if you purchase through our website or call the service provider direct quoting the unique reference number we give you. The upshot to quoting this number, alongside us getting paid, is that the service provider will already have all of your details on file. This will save you time and money and allows us to offer you with a free service.