29% YoY decline in electricity switches in April

The latest electricity figures in April show a 29% decline on last year, according to Energy UK. The decline follows a weaker YoY figure in March this year, where switching numbers declined by 4.3%. However, April 2019 was a record breaking month topping 668,371 electricity switches, an increase of 34.1% on 2018 numbers. The April […]

Power NI Announces 4.8% Price Cut For Domestic Energy Customers

Power NI have announced a price cut of 4.8% to its customers from July 1st. This will save consumers around £30 a year. The announcement will help 450,000 customers across Northern Ireland. “From 1 July, our customers will be paying significantly less than households in the Republic of Ireland; GB and across Europe.” Power NI’s Managing Director, […]

Almost 1.6m people switched energy suppliers in Q1 2020

According to Energy UK, 589,297 switched energy supplier in March 2020 – a decline of 4.3% vs last year. For the entire quarter, there was growth in the number of energy switches at around 9.9% or +143,748 YoY when looking at the first three months versus the previous years. Due to the first 2 months […]

Automatic £30 Compensation Kicks In If Energy Firms Make Mistakes

Energy firms are now required to give consumers £30 in compensation if there are delays and errors when switching energy suppliers. Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain explained in a press release last year that the compensation would automatically kick in when the below occurs: When a customer reports a potential erroneous switch, the customer […]

Switching Energy During Lockdown (COVID-19)

Martin Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert has highlighted to consumers that they could save money by switching energy supplier. We’ve covered that there has been a slump with wholesale energy prices due to lack of demand globally. This helps drive down costs in the short term, but is now starting to increase as the flow […]

Britons Could Be Paying An Additional £52m A Week In Energy Bills (COVID-19)

According to price comparison website USwitch, Britons could be paying an additional £52m collectively per week on their energy bills as an estimated 16.8m people are staying at home due to Covid-19. This equates to about an additional £16 to your monthly energy bills. The estimations are based on the fact that more people are […]