How To Get A Credit Refund With British Gas

If you’re anything like me, then when you setup your direct debit with your energy supplier then you’ll have overestimated your monthly direct debits. We’ve written a more generic guide on getting an energy refund from your energy supplier, where we explain that 46% of households are in credit with their energy supplier – according […]


29% YoY decline in electricity switches in April

The latest electricity figures in April show a 29% decline on last year, according to Energy UK. The decline follows a weaker YoY figure in March this year, where switching numbers declined by 4.3%. However, April 2019 was a record breaking month topping 668,371 electricity switches, an increase of 34.1% on 2018 numbers. The April […]

Power NI Announces 4.8% Price Cut For Domestic Energy Customers

Power NI have announced a price cut of 4.8% to its customers from July 1st. This will save consumers around £30 a year. The announcement will help 450,000 customers across Northern Ireland. “From 1 July, our customers will be paying significantly less than households in the Republic of Ireland; GB and across Europe.” Power NI’s Managing Director, […]

Almost 1.6m people switched energy suppliers in Q1 2020

According to Energy UK, 589,297 switched energy supplier in March 2020 – a decline of 4.3% vs last year. For the entire quarter, there was growth in the number of energy switches at around 9.9% or +143,748 YoY when looking at the first three months versus the previous years. Due to the first 2 months […]

Automatic £30 Compensation Kicks In If Energy Firms Make Mistakes

Energy firms are now required to give consumers £30 in compensation if there are delays and errors when switching energy suppliers. Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain explained in a press release last year that the compensation would automatically kick in when the below occurs: When a customer reports a potential erroneous switch, the customer […]

Switching Energy During Lockdown (COVID-19)

Martin Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert has highlighted to consumers that they could save money by switching energy supplier. We’ve covered that there has been a slump with wholesale energy prices due to lack of demand globally. This helps drive down costs in the short term, but is now starting to increase as the flow […]

Britons Could Be Paying An Additional £52m A Week In Energy Bills (COVID-19)

According to price comparison website USwitch, Britons could be paying an additional £52m collectively per week on their energy bills as an estimated 16.8m people are staying at home due to Covid-19. This equates to about an additional £16 to your monthly energy bills. The estimations are based on the fact that more people are […]