Automatic £30 Compensation Kicks In If Energy Firms Make Mistakes

Energy firms are now required to give consumers £30 in compensation if there are delays and errors when switching energy suppliers.

Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain explained in a press release last year that the compensation would automatically kick in when the below occurs:

  • When a customer reports a potential erroneous switch, the customer will receive a standard payment of £30 from each supplier if they are unable to agree within 20 working days whether an erroneous switch has occurred;
  • The customer will receive £30 from the contacted supplier if they fail to return the 20 Working Day Letter as required by the Erroneous Transfer Customer Charter within 20 working days;
  • An erroneously switched customer will receive £30 from their old supplier if they fail to re-register the customer within 21 working days; and
  • Where a switch has been completed, customers will receive a payment of £30 if suppliers fail to return a credit balance within 10 working days of issue of a final bill.

The aim here is protect consumers, build trust with the energy sector, and raise overall standards.

How do you get compensation?

If you qualify for compensation then you’ll get paid the compensation paid to you automatically.

If you find that you don’t get compensated then you should let your original energy supplier know. If they do not sort it out, then you should get in touch with the Energy Ombudsman.