Britons Could Be Paying An Additional £52m A Week In Energy Bills (COVID-19)

According to price comparison website USwitch, Britons could be paying an additional £52m collectively per week on their energy bills as an estimated 16.8m people are staying at home due to Covid-19.

This equates to about an additional £16 to your monthly energy bills.

The estimations are based on the fact that more people are staying at home, and will use an additional 17% in gas, and 25% in electricity per day, therefore bringing up the costs to the £16 figure per month or £195 per house for customers on Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs).

Some households could be facing financial difficulty as government safety measures have caused businesses to have to furlough staff and in many cases let staff go.

Britons should be seeking opportunities to try and save as much as possible during these times, and it’s worth having a look at what is available to save on your energy bills today, especially as energy prices will likely rise as the demand for oil decreases globally.