Energy Switching Numbers Increase by +17% MoM, down still by -1% YoY

The number of people switching energy suppliers after the coronavirus outbreak is on the rise, according to a new report from Energy UK. The data shows that for July this year, a total of 519,700 switched electricity providers. This is a month on month increase compared to June of about +17%, and down -1% versus the same month in 2019.

So far this year a total of 3,447,234 customers have switched, which is 4% lower than at this point in 2019.

Source: Energy UK

This is being hailed as a ‘recovery’ in switching numbers due a large YoY and MoM dip that occurred at the start of the year in April (-29% YoY) and May (-15% YoY).

You can see from the graph below that the trend was previously showing a decline in April and May. The trend has now reversed for 2 months in a row with a growing number of people jumping in to switch suppliers:

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