Energy Switching gap closes by -2.5% in November YoY

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Electricity switching figures from Energy UK for the month of November showed a decline of just -2.5% YoY.

Overall figures for the year show a 6.5% decline for the year up to November.

The latest figures also show a decrease in switches to small, and mid-tier suppliers to the same category, with larger to larger supplier switches staying relatively flat:

Energy UK

Emma Pinchbeck, Energy UK’s chief executive, said:

“With the Energy White Paper published this week looking at ways of further increasing customer engagement with their energy use, it’s good to see that nearly half a million customers last month actively sought out a good deal. And even in a year where people’s attention has understandably been on other issues, nearly 5.5 million customers have switched
during 2020.

“With winter here and many of us spending more time indoors due to the ongoing restrictions, it’s well worth spending a few minutes to check you’re on the best deal – either by contacting your own supplier or shopping around to see what’s on offer in a very competitive market.

“I’d also urge everyone who can to consider making their homes more energy efficient, for example by applying for the Green Homes Grants scheme. This is still the best way to help save money on bills in the longer term and reduce our contribution to climate change by cutting emissions from our homes.”

Energy UK