38% of The Cheapest Energy Deals Are Now On Green Energy Tariffs

All wind turbines side by side producing pure electricity without destroying our beloved planet Earth.

According to new data from Switchd, the auto switching energy service, 38% of the time the cheapest energy deal was also a green energy tariff.

It is a big change since it wasn’t too long ago that many of the big 6 energy suppliers would only let you go green at a premium of up to £10 per month.

Rival suppliers npower and EDF Energy charge an annual green ‘premium’ of £70 and £35 respectively. E.On charges £2 a month for a ‘Clean Energy’ upgrade while ScottishPower’s ‘Go Green’ bolt-on is £36 a year. Big Six supplier SSE does not offer a green tariff.

Via This Is Money – May 2019

As more and more people switch to green energy, it will reduce the costs of these types of tariffs as suppliers obtain larger volumes of cleaner energy sources. A good indicator of the switch to cleaner energy was in fact this year when the The Guardian reported that the UK went coal-free for 18 consecutive days in April – a historic record:

Now, the tides appear to be changing on the consumer front. Data from Switchd has shown that not only is it now more affordable to go green than ever before, it can often pay to do so too:

Switchd’s automated switching algorithm is personalised to each of their members, with members having the option to filter suppliers and tariffs for anything from minimum Trustpilot rating to billing type.

Members of Switchd can also opt to only be switched to renewable energy deals, even if this means that they miss out on the best deal on the market… and if they have better intentions in mind.

More than half of its existing members don’t opt for green-only deals, in favour of maximising their savings. However, analysis of switching data from tens of thousands of switches has shown that 38% of switches that it carried out for these members in 2020 went to green suppliers nonetheless. This is up from 26% in 2019.

This means that tens of thousands of people in the UK are helping to save the planet without even meaning to.