Can Look After My Bills Save You Money?

It’s something that I’m looking at the moment because of an Instagram ad that I saw where Look After My Bills were promoting and trying to target me to switch through them.

However, I noticed that the ad they had up on Instagram had over 400 comments. Intrigued I checked the comments out.

Scrolling through the comments, most of them were quite negative. In fact, they paint the opposite picture when viewing all of their reviews on Trust Pilot – as the majority of the reviews seem to be really positive (4.6/5 based on 9,667 reviews).

Instagram users were quick to point out the opposite of those on Trust Pilot:

“Used you for a year, realised I was out of contract with suppliers, and paying too much… You guys did nothing. I took matters into my own hands and made some great savings. Thanks for nothing.”


“My bills have skyrocketed. Should be called ‘Don’t look after my bills. Avoid at all costs.”


“Totally flawed system. Very disappointing would have been less hassle to have done it myself. Trusted that Look After My Bills had everything at hand, but I have ended having to do all of the calling around myself, having been charged by my previous supplier and also by my new supplier. Look After My Bills had not provided the correct electricity Supply Number to my new provider, so my old provider supplier was not aware of the switch. The consequence of this is that I now seek a refund from my new supplier and have lost the saving I expected over the last two months (£120). I have now dealt with myself and the new supplier and will need at least 3 weeks to get things in place. Wast eof time and out of pocket. Customer service have informed me that everything is automated, and take no responsibility.”


“My experience has been very poor. Signed up for the service, then nothing. Contacted your support desk, absolute waste of time. No responses for ages and when they did respond, they just advised who the new supplier was. Contacted the new supplier and they had no idea that I was switching to them. Contacted you again and to date I am still waiting. Three months later I finally hear from the new supllier. Today I am having problems as they still have transferred the gas so now I am now paying two suppliers. Not impressed!!!”


“Switched 6 months ago. The firm we switched to has already hiked the prices up back to where we were originally. And they never paid our switching fee. Bog standard switch site like all the others creaming affiliate commissions at your expense.”


The negative reviews posted by the Instagrammers paint a stark picture into what can happen with automated switching, especially if you do not pay attention to the energy supplier you’ve automatically been switched over to.

Response from Look After My Bills:

“Sorry to hear about this. I understand that this must be a very stressful time for you, and I apologise for any undue stress that may have caused. Whilst I recognise this is still an experience of yours, I hope you understand this is not common place. If there is anything we can do please ring us on 0203 950 1166. We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and our friendly customer service team should be able to help you.”


The response above from LAMB was pretty much the default response back they gave to all the negative reviews. How the situations with the customers above were handled is another question.

It’s important to note whilst I found these eye opening reviews on Instagram, the vast majority of the reviews on Trust Pilot do seem to be positive.

I’d always give guidance to keep completely on top of your bills, especially so if an automated system is switching you to a new energy supplier.