Power NI Announces 4.8% Price Cut For Domestic Energy Customers

Power NI have announced a price cut of 4.8% to its customers from July 1st. This will save consumers around £30 a year. The announcement will help 450,000 customers across Northern Ireland. “From 1 July, our customers will be paying significantly less than households in the Republic of Ireland; GB and across Europe.” Power NI’s Managing Director, […]

Almost 1.6m people switched energy suppliers in Q1 2020

According to Energy UK, 589,297 switched energy supplier in March 2020 – a decline of 4.3% vs last year. For the entire quarter, there was growth in the number of energy switches at around 9.9% or +143,748 YoY when looking at the first three months versus the previous years. Due to the first 2 months […]

Automatic £30 Compensation Kicks In If Energy Firms Make Mistakes

Energy firms are now required to give consumers £30 in compensation if there are delays and errors when switching energy suppliers. Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain explained in a press release last year that the compensation would automatically kick in when the below occurs: When a customer reports a potential erroneous switch, the customer […]

Switching Energy During Lockdown (COVID-19)

Martin Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert has highlighted to consumers that they could save money by switching energy supplier. We’ve covered that there has been a slump with wholesale energy prices due to lack of demand globally. This helps drive down costs in the short term, but is now starting to increase as the flow […]

Britons Could Be Paying An Additional £52m A Week In Energy Bills (COVID-19)

According to price comparison website USwitch, Britons could be paying an additional £52m collectively per week on their energy bills as an estimated 16.8m people are staying at home due to Covid-19. This equates to about an additional £16 to your monthly energy bills. The estimations are based on the fact that more people are […]

NOW is the time to switch energy supplier – OIL at 17 Year Low

With oil prices having been at a 17-year low to date, wholesale energy prices have been at record lows. This has then been passed on to consumers who have benefited from cheaper energy supplies. However, what we’ve all benefited from is going to likely come to a close soon. Only last week, the major oil […]

Can Look After My Bills Save You Money?

It’s something that I’m looking at the moment because of an Instagram ad that I saw where Look After My Bills were promoting and trying to target me to switch through them. However, I noticed that the ad they had up on Instagram had over 400 comments. Intrigued I checked the comments out. Scrolling through […]

What is energy auto-switching?

It’s a way to automatically switch energy suppliers without having to lift a finger. All the hard work goes into initially setting up, with the promise being that you’ll have “cheaper energy bills forever”. Where & when did energy auto-switching start? The concept of auto-switching started with Flipper who built out an auto-switching energy supplier […]

Should you switch energy suppliers?

Last year, 6.4m people switched energy companies in the UK. Our partner Energy Helpline says that 10% of those that have switched suppliers have saved on average £461 through switching their gas and electricity suppliers. There are definite savings to be had, and you should use an energy comparison service that compares the whole market […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Energy Bills

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every part of our lives, is a national emergency, and financially a lot of us might not be able to keep up with increasing energy bills due to the government’s orders to stay at home. In light of the government’s stay at home orders & due to many businesses having […]

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