Forbes Launches ‘Forbes Advisor UK’

Forbes, famous for its magazine and billionaires list, has launched a financial services brand in the UK called ‘Forbes Advisor’ – a brand that had already launched in the US which covers the personal finance space.

In their suite of products they offer energy comparison, business energy, mobile phone and broadband services.

Their motto is:

Smart Financial Decisions Made Simple

With the aims for the following:

  • Helping you find the right deal
  • Boosting your market knowledge
  • Making the most of your money

A look through the site shows that Forbes Advisor is also producing editorial content with guidance too on deciding on certain aspects of their product suite. For example, they have an article on whether you should buy an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 and a guide which covers ‘14 ways to cut your energy bills‘.

The editor for Forbes Advisor, Kevin Pratt is quoted as saying:

Now more than ever it’s important to take control of our household and personal finances. That means identifying great products and pouncing on opportunities to save money. Making smart decisions is a matter of reviewing what’s available and working out what’s best for you – and we’re here to help.

Kevin Pratt (via Forbes Advisor’s homepage)